I don’t really like my job but financially it helps me provide extra help for my fam and some travel in the future

The school I was tryin to go to finally got financial aid and is out of state the only issue is I’d probably end up close to 40 grand in debt…

Stay at a job I’m not happy with or spend a lifetime paying back loans….


Slim chino / Indigo Mele

Photography by Naho Kubota
Styling by Jeremy Lewis


Matterhorn Milky way - by: Roman Burri

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NYC Sunset | by: { Jose Tutiven

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I wish

  • I wasn’t bad with communication
  • i was a better at conversation
  • i didn’t shut people out or push them away
  • i could grow a full beard
  • i didn’t get so frustrated, worried and stressed so quickly
  • i could be consistent at something
  • i could find cloths that fit my shoulders
  • i didn’t fear rejection so much
  • i could learn to put my self first sometimes
  • i could play the sax
  • i knew where i was headed